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Machine in Factory

Achieve greater quality, higher throughput, and increased product confidence.


We provide solutions to complex inspection and manufacturing challenges. We design and build Machine Vision Inspection equipment that supports high volume manufacturing of precision components. 

Examining a Circuit
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About Us

Since our founding in 2015, Coleman DFM has been dedicated to creating value for our customers by providing innovative solutions and products, empowering them to generate enhanced value in return.

Focused on a commitment to the customer, acting with integrity, and working toward operational efficiency in a collaborative setting are central to our vision.


Functional Design

Throughout the design process, we leverage our diverse knowledge across multiple industries to reduce risk. This allows us to match superior vision solutions with the appropriate mechanical methods throughout the entire process.

Our Systems

We work with the top international suppliers of Machine Vision hardware, and the leading optics manufacturers to insure not only a robust solution, but a solution that will stand the test of time in demanding manufacturing environments.

Our machines are safe, stable, and built to last. 


Systems feature:

  • Full access to all inspection parameters

  • Process Yield Monitoring 

  • Remote View (for cleanroom systems)

  • Secure Remote VPN Access

  • SFTP Server(s) 


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Markets Served

Performing Surgery

Medical & Med-Device

Device Assembly

Inspection of Micro-Implantable & Blood path products

Earbuds in Case

Engineered Molding

Strip Feed
Over Molding
Living Hinge tooling

Car Factory


Metal Stamping

Screw Machine

Electronic Circuit


AOI for PCB Fabrication

Contact Us

85 Willow Street, New Haven, CT 06511


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